Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Mountain of Marvels

The Mountain of Marvels: A Celtic Tale of Magic

The cover of this book is awesome. I had some trouble pronoucing the names of the people in this book even though the book showed us how to do it. I have to tell you this book is super cool. I liked it when Rhiannon was riding her horse and King Pwyll saw her and rode to meet her. Her horse just walked along slowly. No matter how fast Pwyll pushed his horse to ride faster he could not catch her. She was riding slow but kept getting further ahead of him.

I love the whole medieval period and the spells that were cast in this story. I am going to give this book a five star rating. I like reading story's from other countries. We do not have story's like this here in the U.S.A.

I just turned eleven today. I think this book would be good for kids eleven and up. I am on honor roll all the time so this story was not really hard for me to read and understand.

It might be harder for younger kids to understand. Thank you for writing this book and showing kids a different kind of story and time frame from another country.

Brandon Heptinstall 11
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