Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stolen Dreams: A Cassie Scot Novel

A paranormal Suspense by Christine Amsden

I really did enjoy this book. In fact I did the whole series. I remember the commercial a long time ago about a potato chip. It started out “I bet you can’t eat just one?” Then of course it showed where one, was not enough!

That is like this series. You start on one book, and when you are done, you want to go to the next book. So I would suggest that you have them all before you begin. I think the author did a good ending for this series. To me it was sad as some of the characters were going away and never again to be read about.

I hope maybe someday Cassie and Evan may show up again in a book. Can’t you just imagine them with a lot of kids all of whom have different types of magic?

Rated PG