Sunday, May 23, 2010

Carrie's Journey

Carrie’s Journey
Bette Jennings
Misty Peak Publishing..PO BOX AL, Filer, Idaho 83328
(208) 326-5845
291 pages

This book is a reviewer’s dream. It provides an escape from the mundane of everyday life. It has everything a good book needs. It has love, drama, a taste of mystery, adventure and a happy ending. We started at "Carrie’s Farm" which was the first book and now we are into the final book "Carrie’s Journey."

Carrie’s Journey, finds that Carrie’s beloved husband has died. Carrie has to create a new life in order for her to survive. Carrie begins to think she is going crazy when she hears a voice talking to her, and she answers. The voice stays with her giving her advice on things until she does not need it any longer.

I loved every page of this book. If you like a good romance with a little of something else added to it, then I highly recommend this book.When a book brings good tears to my eyes, then it is a great book in my opinion. Need I say more?

This book is rated G

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wake UP! ("You're probably never going to look like that; How to be happier, healthier and impercectly fit.)

At last we learn the truth of losing weight and keeping it off. I hate to say this but I have tried some of the weight equipment that says, "buy me and I will make you look thinner and younger, in just weeks." They did not work for me, no matter how hard I tried.

The author tells us of her life and the battles she has gone through to try and lose weight. What it was like in school being the fat kid that others made fun of. The many diets she has tried,the failures and the success of finally getting something that for her worked.

Diet alone will not work. You have to get off your uff and exercise. Michelle also tells us of many well known people who have had surgery to help them lose weight. Also the dangers of the television show,“The Biggest Loser,” and how most of the contestants have gained the weight back. Michelle tells all who will read this book about how to deal with the starvation your body will feel.

I can honestly say that I have never been more impressed with a weight loss book. Some people write books to make a lot of money. But I feel this author has wrote from her heart and only wants to help.
Rated G

Exellent Book