Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Christmas List

How would you like to wake up one morning while staying in a hotel and read your own obituary? That is what happened to James Kier a ruthless business man. He was very rich but got that way by destroying and cheating people out of what they had.

“Wait,” don’t stop reading this! It is not another “Grinch” type of book, nor is it,”A Christmas Carol.” The whole book was inspired by the author’s seventh grade English teacher. She assigned her students to write their own obituary. (One smart teacher if you asked me.)

Now back to the book. James Kier did not change his whole life in a twenty-four hour period. For some reason he found out who the other James Kier was and decided to attend the other mans memorial service.

He had to park his car two blocks away and in the poor part of town. Yet when he went inside he found people who were both rich and poor. There were also a lot of kids there. The place was full to the brim, and all to talk about the bus driver who had the same name. James was in shock when he listened to all the praise the man received. He was loved by many, yet he was financially poor.

Now, I am over two hundred words so have to wrap this up. You will not find the ending you would wish for. In fact several times I had tears running down my face. But the author did leave you with, “a holiday tale to warm your season, your home and your heart. End of quote.”

“I will tell you all Merry Christmas, and I give the author a five star rating.”

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An Angel for Christmas

The MacDougal family has always spent Christmas in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which has been in Stacy MacDougal’s family for many years. This year will be different as each of the grown children will bring along problems they have no answers for.

Shayne’s a doctor and his wife has filed for divorce. He can’t understand why? Morwenna is troubled that her boyfriend is off to Cancun, with other members of her office instead of with her. Bobby the youngest son has been to one college after another. He is considered a genius and his father has no idea why he does not make up his mind about what he will do in the future. But Bobby has made a decision. He just has to gather up the courage to tell his father.

While the three siblings are out in the garage to bring in presents, Shayne heard what he thought was a groan. Both Bobby and Morwenna, tell him it is probably a tree cracking. But then they all heard it and went to investigate. They find a man unconscious with blood on his head and lying in a pile of snow.

As they get the stranger inside of the house and check him out he begins to wake up. He tells them his name is Gabe Lange and he is with the Virginia State Police. He was after an escaped white collar criminal named Luke DeFeo. That he almost had Luke but he jumped him and knocked him out and took his uniform.

This is all I am sharing with you in this review. I will tell you that this book is filled with mystery, action, family, love and spirituality. Gabe seems to somehow bring out the best in people, and to help them all to understand the events they are going through.

The ending will knock your socks off.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Christmas Note

I have read books by this author before, but this time I was a little disappointed. She left out why we celebrate Christmas. Besides that, the story line was interesting and I even had tears at times.

What I found to be so different was the main character’s husband was injured over in Afghanistan and is in a German hospital where they are doing all they can to help him. He has lost an arm and there could be possible brain injury. He is put into an induced coma for awhile and then they bring him back and he has to learn everything again. For once an author goes into more detail about what is happening today. I applaud the author for that.

You will find mystery, generosity, love and people who did not know they had siblings in this book. All in all this is a feel good book during the Christmas Season.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Christmas House

The illustrations in this book are beautiful. I found something that I am not sure that others have. On some of the pictures they have different names that are not connected to the story.

A good example is on one side of a page it says Mr. Jacobs and you read about him. Then on the next page there is a picture of a man and boy looking for a Christmas tree. At the bottom of the page it reads “Henry and Grandpa~~December 12, 1946.” You will have to look and see how many you may find.

The story is charming. A young couple Kathleen and George and their baby have moved into a new neighborhood a month ago. Their neighbors don’t seem too friendly, but are really good people who have not had time to drop by.

One night George has lit the fireplace for their new baby to enjoy. Kathleen is at the piano and opens a window just a bit to let in a bit of a chill because of the fire. She is playing Christmas carols and has no idea of the effect it is having on their new neighbors. One by one they are enraptured by the memories that come back to them as they listen.

This is a sweet story to read to your children or grand kids. It is worth every dime you spend for it.

Rated G

Christmas Memories at Grace Chapel Inn

What a delightful story about three sisters of whom after their father died, they decided to turn the large family home into a Bed and Breakfast Inn. One Year they closed the Inn down for a week so that family could be together that year. One Christmas Eve after their friends had left the three sisters sat watching the fire in the fireplace and drinking hot cider.

They began to reminisce about their favorite Christmas stories about family and friends. The author is so descriptive that even here in Louisiana I could imagine snowflakes falling and could hear the sisters singing before they went to bed.
The stories are full of joy, laughter and some sadness. Definitely worth reading and it will sure get you ready for the Christmas Season.

Also included are some of the recipes you will find at the end of the story. I can’t wait to try the Scottish Shortbread, White Chocolate Hermits with Eggnog Glaze and Mocha Krinkles.

I found this to be a warm feel good story.
Rated G

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last Stop Freedom

The author has done a remarkable job taking us back into the pre-Civil War era. It was a time that left a dark spot in the history of our country. While this book is historical fiction, the atrocities it mentions were all too real.

This is the story of a young woman named Julia who keeps house for her preacher father and acts as his assistant. She has no friends and is resigned to a life alone. One day she receives an invitation to spend a couple of weeks with her cousins and uncle at a resort in Saratoga Springs, New York. She accepts even though her father refuses to bless the trip. While there, she meets a man named Nathaniel Hamilton who owns a plantation in the South and represents the southern way of life as superior to all others. In particular, he claims that his slaves are treated as trusted servants and are content in their lives.

They are instantly attracted to one another. Julia accepts his marriage proposal and moves with him to his plantation, where she soon discovers the truth about the horrors of slavery. From there on you will learn about the Underground Railroad and the Abolitionist movement, as well as the manner in which slaves were really treated. I pray we have learned from the past to never judge others. Yet at the same time I pray for forgiveness from others also.

Don’t let the number of pages in this book put you off. While reading it, I often had to stop and do other things. But each time I picked it up again, I found it was just as fascinating as when I started it.
This book gets a five star rating from me.