Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Christmas House

The illustrations in this book are beautiful. I found something that I am not sure that others have. On some of the pictures they have different names that are not connected to the story.

A good example is on one side of a page it says Mr. Jacobs and you read about him. Then on the next page there is a picture of a man and boy looking for a Christmas tree. At the bottom of the page it reads “Henry and Grandpa~~December 12, 1946.” You will have to look and see how many you may find.

The story is charming. A young couple Kathleen and George and their baby have moved into a new neighborhood a month ago. Their neighbors don’t seem too friendly, but are really good people who have not had time to drop by.

One night George has lit the fireplace for their new baby to enjoy. Kathleen is at the piano and opens a window just a bit to let in a bit of a chill because of the fire. She is playing Christmas carols and has no idea of the effect it is having on their new neighbors. One by one they are enraptured by the memories that come back to them as they listen.

This is a sweet story to read to your children or grand kids. It is worth every dime you spend for it.

Rated G

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