Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Christmas List

How would you like to wake up one morning while staying in a hotel and read your own obituary? That is what happened to James Kier a ruthless business man. He was very rich but got that way by destroying and cheating people out of what they had.

“Wait,” don’t stop reading this! It is not another “Grinch” type of book, nor is it,”A Christmas Carol.” The whole book was inspired by the author’s seventh grade English teacher. She assigned her students to write their own obituary. (One smart teacher if you asked me.)

Now back to the book. James Kier did not change his whole life in a twenty-four hour period. For some reason he found out who the other James Kier was and decided to attend the other mans memorial service.

He had to park his car two blocks away and in the poor part of town. Yet when he went inside he found people who were both rich and poor. There were also a lot of kids there. The place was full to the brim, and all to talk about the bus driver who had the same name. James was in shock when he listened to all the praise the man received. He was loved by many, yet he was financially poor.

Now, I am over two hundred words so have to wrap this up. You will not find the ending you would wish for. In fact several times I had tears running down my face. But the author did leave you with, “a holiday tale to warm your season, your home and your heart. End of quote.”

“I will tell you all Merry Christmas, and I give the author a five star rating.”

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