Monday, December 28, 2009

SHOAH Journey from the ashes

This book should be read by all. The events of the Holocaust must never be forgotten. The words in this book will pierce your heart and soul. It is the true story of Cantor Leo Fettman.

The first half of this book the author shares with us about his family and their devotion to the Jewish faith. How tradition was taught to not only Leo but his brothers and sister. They led a happy life in Nyiradony, Hungary, until the invasions of the Nazis in 1944. Jewish people were rounded up and taken away to be placed in death camps. Both his family and all the Jewish people in his community of Nyiradony, Hungary.

He had no way of knowing what they would have to endure during the Holocaust. The atrocities that thousands of Jews faced at the death camps. People walking around but no life in their eyes. The attempted genocide of the Jewish race. With each word my heart was crying out why did this happen? I don't understand why the world was not up in arms and helping the Jewish people. I don't think I will ever fine a clear and concise answer.

The second, and last part of this book, the author shares with us his journey to Canada and then America. Cantor Fettman taught at Jewish schools trying to rekindle the laws and original teachings of the Jewish faith. Cantor Fettman also talks about how some claim the Holocaust never happened. His main mission is to never let the world forget what happened during the Holocaust. I finish this review with tears running down my face. No matter what your religion or race, we must keep the memories of the Holocaust alive; so that it does not happen again. This book is both heart wrenching and an excellent read.

Rated G

The Student From Zombie Island

This book is absolutely adorable. The illustrations are wonderful and really make the story come to life for readers. The story is so funny my grandson could not stop laughing.

The story teaches kids what can happen when rumors start. It's hard enough being a new kid at school, but even harder when kids have preconceived ideas of who you are. I would recommend this book to not only kids and adults but it would be great in the classroom for story time.

It is hard to believe the author is so young himself. Michael, you have really hit the head on the nail in this book. Excellent job and I am sure you will one day be a bestselling author.

Sandra Heptinstall Whispering Winds Book Reviews