Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Fair to Die For

A Fair to Die For Radine Trees Nehring Oak Tree Press 140 E Palmer Street,Taylorville, IL 62568 978-1-61009-122-0 $14.95 238 pages Sandra S Heptinstall Reviewer I have had the pleasure of reading one of the books in this series before, and I truly enjoyed it so much. Once again the author gives us vivid details sure to stimulate your senses. Her description of places in Arkansas is right on the mark. One afternoon Carrie was singing and dancing to Neil Diamond’s song’s as she was about to start cooking dinner. Her husband Henry was at a meeting, and called to say he would be later than he thought. Then a short time later she receives a call from a woman name Edie, claiming to be her cousin. Carrie was told she had a cousin, but her cousin died when she was young. Carrie could not figure out if the women really was her cousin, why did it take so long for her to contact her? What did she want or need. Or perhaps she really did just want to meet her. As Carrie was thinking things over there was a knock at her front door. She looked out the window and saw a man she did not know standing on her porch. There was also a man sitting in a car. She opened the door just a crack and asked what he wanted. The man open his wallet and she saw a badge, but before she could read it he placed it back in his suit. He said he was with the F.B.I and wanted to ask her some questions. This is just the beginning of a really good mystery.I could not figure the book out until the last chapter. The author has once again proved to be a master story teller. Rated G