Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spin the Plate

I enjoyed this book. The author did a good job of not just holding our attention, but also kept us on our toes as the story evolved. Jo was raped when she was five years old and it continued until her teens by her own father. The effect on her is profound to say the least. Even as a adult she still has nightmares.

She works as a tattoo artist but no one knows about her history. Jo does not trust anyone, and lives in a world filled with her animals. She has no desire to make friends or let anyone in her life. Especially men.

That is until one day she meets a man named Francis. No matter how many times she says no to his invitations he keeps asking. She finally says yes and that is when her world will gradually begin to change. Francis and Jo are as different as night and day.

It is what Jo does at night, that makes this book different than any I have read before. This is a fast and easy read. The story is one that will stay with you long after you have finished reading it.

Rated PG

Sunday, December 18, 2011

How To Fight, Lie And, Cry Your Way To Popularity (And a Prom Date): Lousy Life Lessons From 50 Teen Movies

I have enjoyed all the short stories that Zest has put out when I get the chance too. This book is about teen movies from 1955-2010. It starts in my parent’s generation for two movies, and then mine, my kids and my grand kids. That makes four generations. Each movie they show a picture, and then they have a short synopses of the book. Then you will read some crazy, really bad life lessons.

This was so much fun to read. It brought back some fun memories of movies in my time period, and what was going on in my life.

This is a fast, fun, and easy read. If you want to walk down memory lane this is the book for you.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lifting the Wheel of Karma
Paul H. Magid
Point Dume Press
Managlapan, NJ 07726
(732) 673-5330
$10.80 paperback
$9.99 ebook
186 pages
Sandra Heptinstall..reviewer

I found this book to be compassionate and insightful. At times I had to stop and read a paragraph over again, so I could make sure I understood the meaning. As a Christian I found a deeper understanding of ways to accept, forgive and even love each other more.

The characters are well developed and interesting. Joseph is the main character. Every since he was a five year old child he started having violent nightmares and would scream about the demons who would attack him. As he got older the nightmares changed to where he was fighting with warriors.

Joseph's only coping mechanism was martial arts. He was so good no one in his age devision would fight him, as they knew they would lose. They promoted Joseph to fighting with adults when he was fifteen. He had never lost a fight until one night. It is from here you will find the heart of this story.

Joseph feels he can only find the answers he needs by going to the remote Himalayas of India. There he finds an old wise man who helps him to find the answers to all of his questions and to find his Dharma. I did not want the book to end.

This is an excellent read for anyone or any religion. You don't have to agree with all that is wrote but the message of love is something we should all pay more attention too. I cried at the ending. It was hard for me to believe this was a first time author.