Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scandalous! 50 Shocking Events You Should Know About (so you can impress your friends)

Hallie Fryd

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208 pages

Sandra Heptinstall


This was a fun read and I learned things I had no knowledge of. What really blew me away is people who were related by blood and got married. To me that is beyond my comprehension.

The only one I knew before this book was Jerry Lee Lewis who married his thirteen year old cousin. Now I have learned that Franklin D. Roosevelt married his cousin Eleanor. She did not even have to change her last name.

Rudy Giuliani and Regina Peruggi got married and thought they were third cousins so that was not bad. But after 14 years they discovered they were second cousins and had their marriage annulled soon after that.

I have always heard about Jim Thorpe the Olympian winner, but what I did not know is he was stripped of his medals over something that today would not happen. He was guilty of telling the truth when others lied. To learn more you have to read this book.

Oh my stars, talk about a shocker. You have to read the story on page 14. If you need to drop a few pounds then read on. For me I don't think I could ever eat this food again. The story would flash in my mind. Even though it was 1904 we still hear today about people getting sick from foods.

There are more interesting things to read in this book, and I think people will enjoy reading about them.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Quaker State Affair

Right from the start of this book your brain goes into overdrive and pulls you in. For me it was like reading the newspaper or watching the news. It is totally feasible that everything in this book could actually happen. It is so realistic it is almost scary.

This book is not easy reading at first. In fact for the first fifty-four pages I had to write notes on who is who and what they do. You really have to exercise you’re brain and I found that to be refreshing. In our world today what happens to our economy does have an effect on other countries. I worked for an oil company for five years and know the importance of oil around the world.

This book is filled with action, suspense and mystery. The book is well thought out and the character development is brilliant. I would tell my friends they need to read this book. It totally blew me away in parts.
This book is excellent and never boring.