Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Double Dare You! by Dana Lehman

Once again we are in Walnut Grove where animals can talk to each other. The story is lovely and charming. The illustrations bring the characters to life.

In this book the author is trying to teach children about making wise decisions.

I love the fact that the author is talking too children and not down to them. The questions at the end of the book are good for reinforcement. Words from the author are also.

Rated G

Adventure at Walnut Grove A lesson about Teasing

What a beautiful story and Illustrations. This little book is worth every dime it cost. It teaches kids about being teased, and how much it hurts. To me, it is for children who are three to seven years old.
It took me a few seconds before I noticed the book had won, “Mom’s Choice Awards Honoring Excellence.” I wish every child had this book as then we might not have so many bullies. Instead we might have kids who like each other for what they are, and not for what they look like.
I really, really love this story.
Rated G

Sunday, December 1, 2013

CASSIE SCOT: Paranormal Detective

Cassandra Morgan Ursula Margaret Scot is born into a world where she is not sure she really fits. Her parents are powerful sorcerers, and yet Cassie does not seem to have any powers. Her siblings all have some types of magic and that leaves Cassie feeling like she does not belong in their world. But where does she belong?

From the first page I was hooked on this book. It is a mystery filled with sorcerers, vampires, romance, the paranormal and murder. This genre’ has a little bit of something for every reader. There is never a dull moment in this story.

I hated it when the story came to the end. I really hope the author continues on with this story. I was left wanting more.

An easy five stars from me.
Rated PG for violence
Lodestone Book Five; The Conquered Shore

I really loved this book and its characters. I must admit after reading the first four books in the Lodestone series, I wondered if the author could make the fifth book better than the others. I was really surprised to read it and find the fifth book was just as interesting if not better than the first four books.
Something strange happened to me while reading this book that has never happened to me before. I connected with a character and I knew what she would say and her actions in the book. I have never had that happen before, and I have read hundreds of books in my life.
I am always mesmerized when I read one of the author’s books. While he gives us a glimpse of characters, it is up to our own imagination to try and create what each one looks like. I have always enjoyed that in each of the author’s stories.
This book left me wanting to read more. I felt the same way with the first four books. I sincerely hope the author takes us on another journey soon. Excellent book and series.
Sandra Heptinstall