Monday, January 21, 2008

Carrie's Farm

Carrie's Farm by Bette Jennings
I really have enjoyed this book. One of the things I liked about this book is it flows from one page to the next and holds your attention.The book completes itself in that you are not left wondering what happened to all the characters. The characters in this book are engrossing, fun and loveable. If anyone out there has had a special grandparent like Bepo in this story, then your heart will be filled with all the lovely memories once again.

If you love a good romance then you will enjoy the twist and turns of this romantic novel. Ms. Jennings leads you through sadness and joy in this book. You just can't help falling in love with most of the characters in this book. From the some what crazy neighbor to Carrie's Grandfather.

For readers who just want to take a day and relax then this is the book for you to buy. You will be transported to Carrie's Farm but be careful as you may find you don't want this book to end. I hope Bette Jennings will continue to write and take us back to Carrie's Farm. For a first time author I say five stars Ms. Jennings. Please do not stop writing for you have a God given talent.
Thank you for this story and all the wonderful people you have created.

Sandy Heptinstall

Wrong Side of the River

Wrong Side of the River, by Cliff Johnson
As you read this book you will begin to feel the pain and sorrow the author went through growing up in a dysfunctional family. You are drawn into his story from the first chapter and will not be able to stop reading until the end. The courage of a young boy to say "no more" is inspiring to all who have read this book. If you grew up and had a normal childhood, then read this and feel the pain that so many other children have felt who were not as lucky as you. If you grew up in a dysfunctional family this book will inspire you to obtain a better life. You will learn to never give up. It will show you that things can be better for you no matter what has happened in your past. The author is reaching out his hand to all and saying miracles do happen. It is your choice which path to take. You can stay the victim or grow and strive for better things. Mr. Johnson will show you it is possible. He chose victory over defeat and so can you. This is a great read for anyone who enjoys a good book.
Sandy Heptinstall