Monday, January 21, 2008

Carrie's Farm

Carrie's Farm by Bette Jennings
I really have enjoyed this book. One of the things I liked about this book is it flows from one page to the next and holds your attention.The book completes itself in that you are not left wondering what happened to all the characters. The characters in this book are engrossing, fun and loveable. If anyone out there has had a special grandparent like Bepo in this story, then your heart will be filled with all the lovely memories once again.

If you love a good romance then you will enjoy the twist and turns of this romantic novel. Ms. Jennings leads you through sadness and joy in this book. You just can't help falling in love with most of the characters in this book. From the some what crazy neighbor to Carrie's Grandfather.

For readers who just want to take a day and relax then this is the book for you to buy. You will be transported to Carrie's Farm but be careful as you may find you don't want this book to end. I hope Bette Jennings will continue to write and take us back to Carrie's Farm. For a first time author I say five stars Ms. Jennings. Please do not stop writing for you have a God given talent.
Thank you for this story and all the wonderful people you have created.

Sandy Heptinstall

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bet said...

Dear Sandy
I wish to thank you for the review you wrote on Carrie's Farm. I have it posted in my book at the Arizona, Market in Yuma,Arz where I have a book signing four days a week, my readers love it. Thank you so very much.
I have a second book in the works and it is Carrie's Journey, my publisher will be Misty Peak, my readers can find info on me through
Sincerly, Bette Jennings