Saturday, June 25, 2011

Freshman Tales of 9th Grade Obesesions, Revelations, and Other Nonesense.

Freshman, Tales of 9th Grade Obsessions, Revelations, and other Nonsense.

Anie is 14 and starting her freshman year of high school. She is filled with all the normal insecurities most girls of her age go through. Before the first day of school her brother warns her that her freshman year of high school will set the stage for the rest of her life.

Then on her first day of high school, a friend of hers that she had gone through every year of school with won’t even let her sit with her at lunch time. Poor Annie is beginning to think her brother might be right after all.

The world she knew is not there anymore. Her friends are not friends, and boys are just well.....boys.

I think young girls and woman will enjoy this book. For those of us who are older we still remember what it was like starting high school. For young women you will find that your first year in high school will pass by very quickly and just think, then you will be a sophomore.

Rated G

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Look Book


I have found a recurrent theme in this book. That is that history repeats itself. Throughout this book we are shown movie stars from the silent screen and how they did their make-up and hair, to the present day stars that have used the same look.

I had no idea that you were suppose to brush your lips with a dry tooth brush to exfoliate your lips. That is just one of the many tips you will learn along the way. I also loved the mini bios’ of each movie star or singer.

This book is a jewel when it comes to beauty. No matter what color of skin you have, you will find information that is just right for you. Take a look at hair styles from long ago, that seem too revolve all over again.
Buy this book, as you won’t be disappointed.

Rated G
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Auraria Dead

Maria Sebastian was in an abusive marriage for years. When she finally found a way to leave, she did and never looked back. She ran to a new state and started a career in real estate that she loved. Then after fifteen years her past comes back to haunt her. Maria finds her father has secrets she would have never imagined. Her boyfriend Mason, seems to be hiding things of his own. Her crazy cousin inadvertently gets her in trouble and someone wants her dead.

She comes home one day and someone had broken into her house. They destroyed everything they could. Then someone tries to run her over and last but not least, she is kidnapped. This is just a taste of a book filled with mystery, intrigued, suspense, and romance. A little bit of something for everyone. I liked this book. The flow of the book always held my interest.

A wise man told me that a good book will always leave you wanting more. Well... I wanted more.
Rated PG
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lodestone Book Three: The Crucible of Dawn

Hold until release

Lodestone Book Three: The Crucible of Dawn

Mark Whiteway

I never dreamed I would like this type of genre. Yet the more pages I turned, the more I wanted to read this book. I love the way the author has us use our own imagination, as the story goes along. We can all read a book and it is easy to figure things out. But you won’t find it in this book.

I loved the fact that the author did not use any swear words. I have often found they were not needed to tell a good story. Mr. Whiteway has set the standard I believe.

While this book is one of Science Fiction, you will find yourself pulled into the story as I have. If you have never read a book of this genre, then may I suggest you start with this one? You won’t be disappointed.

Rated G

Saturday, June 4, 2011

8-Track Flashbacks

This book is really unique and I love it. Each chapter lists the news of that time frame, sports report and what the author is doing. Plus, what I loved most is the number one song at that time. I could argue the number one song with the author, but then you would all know how old I am. This book has the struggles and the joys of growing up in the author’s life.

I laughed so hard when he was twelve and had his first date of sorts. He was meeting a girl at the movie theater and he kept sniffing his pits and wiping his hands dry. Then trying to figure out whether to hold the girl’s hand or put his arm over her shoulder. The reason I found it so funny, is because I remember when I was twelve, and meeting a boy at the theater. I was worried about bad breath and was blowing into my hands and then sniffing to see if my breath was ok. Then I wondered if he was going to hold my hand or put his arm over my shoulders. If not my friends would make fun of me. I would be an outcast at only twelve years old. I only bring this up because I think that was the last year of innocence for our generation.

Tom went through the pain of his father leaving and his mom drinking all the time. She would hit him for no reason, except for the alcohol.

We follow the author all the way through puberty, sports and college. I have laughed and felt sad when he was. Learning lessons the hard way. Our generation was the largest but I think we had the most fun also. I hated it when this book came to an end. I have enjoyed going back in time and reading about Tom’s story. I wish he would write more. I mean after all, he has left us with, “I can’t get no, satisfaction.”
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Before You Launch Your Business: How to decide if being a entrepreneur is for you.

What I liked so much about this little book is its “Honesty.” The author is so forthcoming in whether you should, or should not start up a business in today’s economy. Some people think because they have the money everything should be okay. But the author shows you it takes more than money to be successful.

She has you take several quizzes to make sure you have the personality for the type of business you want to start. Then tells us it is always good to have the support of family or friends. The author tells you of several web sites you can go to, to find help you may need.

It is so refreshing to read an honest book. It does not tell you how to make a million dollars, but explains to the reader if they have what it takes to make it in business.
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