Saturday, June 4, 2011

8-Track Flashbacks

This book is really unique and I love it. Each chapter lists the news of that time frame, sports report and what the author is doing. Plus, what I loved most is the number one song at that time. I could argue the number one song with the author, but then you would all know how old I am. This book has the struggles and the joys of growing up in the author’s life.

I laughed so hard when he was twelve and had his first date of sorts. He was meeting a girl at the movie theater and he kept sniffing his pits and wiping his hands dry. Then trying to figure out whether to hold the girl’s hand or put his arm over her shoulder. The reason I found it so funny, is because I remember when I was twelve, and meeting a boy at the theater. I was worried about bad breath and was blowing into my hands and then sniffing to see if my breath was ok. Then I wondered if he was going to hold my hand or put his arm over my shoulders. If not my friends would make fun of me. I would be an outcast at only twelve years old. I only bring this up because I think that was the last year of innocence for our generation.

Tom went through the pain of his father leaving and his mom drinking all the time. She would hit him for no reason, except for the alcohol.

We follow the author all the way through puberty, sports and college. I have laughed and felt sad when he was. Learning lessons the hard way. Our generation was the largest but I think we had the most fun also. I hated it when this book came to an end. I have enjoyed going back in time and reading about Tom’s story. I wish he would write more. I mean after all, he has left us with, “I can’t get no, satisfaction.”
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