Thursday, February 21, 2013

In a Van by the River and Other Adventures of a Bor Again Aspie

In A Van by the River and Other Adventures of a Born Again Aspie

Dana Longpre’

Publisher: PCG Legacy

ISBN: 978-1-936417-69-8


191 pages

Sandra Heptinstall

Dana Longpre’ grew up knowing she was “different”, but could not figure out what it was. Her home life was terrible and Dana and her sister were taken away from her mom and dad. Then it was a life from one foster home to another. She had been moved eleven different times in three and a half years that included two hospitals and a group home.

Then she heard about Jesus and His saving Grace. She learned it was so much better to live the way He wanted. To give Him all the love that she had, knowing He loved her deeper in ways we can’t even begin to imagine. God gave her courage to keep going.

Dana married a special man named Joe. Joe helped her with her unknown problems. He could help her to calm down when something threw her day off. She had a list that involved times for everything. If things on the list were not met she would begin to have a melt-down.

Then they had a beautiful baby boy they named him Nathan. It is because of Nathan that they learned why Dana was different, and discover Nathan had the same thing. It is called Asperger’s Syndrome.

This book is special to me as I have a grandson who is nine-teen and also has Asperger’s. I believe that God sends us special angels who can help so many people. To me, Dana is one of those sent from above. If she had not gone through so much we might of never known about it. You are my angel Dana.

I also like the songs that you have written. My love and prayers go out to you. Thank you for sharing with us.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Asleep Without Dreaming

Barbara Forte Abate

Publisher: Halcyon Moon Books Publisher address: Amazon

ISBN: 978-061568549 (Trade Paper) BOO98SZUEG (eBook)

Price $12.99 (Trade paper) $3.99 (eBook)

Where authors get their ideas for writing a book has always amazed me. Do they come from the author’s soul? Or just kind of floats around until the author begins to put thoughts to paper? Ms. Abate is one of the best in character development and story line. I wonder at times if there is an older spirit that is trying to cleanse itself of old hurts and feelings in a young woman’s mind.

Willa is a young teenager who has parents who are terrible self- centered people. They don’t care about her. Willa calls them Martin and Stella. One day Martin hits it big at the race tracks and Stella was over joyed. But that night he runs off and leaves them with only a thousand dollars. Not long after that Stella wakes Willa and tells her they are leaving so get packed but do not turn on the lights. They put their bags in their car and then roll the car it until no one could hear the engine started. Willa asked Stella where they are going and Stella said to California. That there were all types of chances of making their life better there.

The broken down car takes them only so far and then it just dies. A man in a truck stops and gives them a lift to Omega Pearl Bodie who owns, “The Moonglow”, and rents out cottages she has. The man said he would have someone take a look at her car, and let her know the condition. When Stella got the news that the car could not be fixed she stayed in their cottage and was always planning a way to leave. She did get a job cleaning rooms, but it was mainly Willa who did the majority of the work at Moonglow.

Omega was the town’s gossip. She told them they had an escape prisoner who ran around setting fires to thing and they should be careful until he is caught. One day Willa saw a teenage boy working at the moonglow also. His name was Jesse Truman and he did odd jobs for Omega. As time goes on Jesse and Willa begin to talk. Eventually they fall in love. It is the first time anyone has loved Willa and she loves Jesse. It is also the last time Willa will ever love anyone.

This book shows the darker side of life. It will not make you smile or feel like laughing. You will read things that could happen in real life. We don’t live in the perfect world. Everyone who reads this book will come to their own conclusion as to why this book ended the way it did. To me the ending is sad, but it is the only way this story could end. Rated PG