Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Can Do Dana Lehman

Once again the illustrator draws your eyes to this book. Ms. Judy Lehman Illustrations are full of color and fun. Once you pick up the book the author’s story keeps you reading. I love everything about this book and the lessons a child can learn. To keep kids focused on each page, the author has different animals hidden so children can find them.

This book teaches kids about believing in themselves. It is reinforced by questions the author asks. This book is number three in a series. All of the books I gave a five star rating. I highly recommend this book. Your kids will love it.

Rated G

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How To Leave Texas by Alana Cash

I have reviewed another book by this author (Tom’s Wife) so I had a sense of style to begin with. This book did not disappointment me. The book has four different stories in one book. Each story has a woman who leaves TX for different reasons. Most leave to try and capture their elusive dream.

I really wish two stories were made into books. They left you wondering what was next for the character. To me that is good story telling. The story holds you and you never want it to end. It does not get any better for a book.

Rated pg

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