Monday, November 3, 2008

When the Soul Mends

"When the Soul Mends" by Cindy Woodsmall

"When The Soul Mends" is the last book in the "Sisters Of The Quilt"
series. I honestly can not tell you which of the three books I have
enjoyed the most. Cindy Woodsmall writes in a way that touches your
heart and holds your attention from the first chapter to the last in
the series. The characters seem so real that you begin to feel the
pain, lost, healing, hope and love through out the three books.

What I have enjoyed the most is the author has come full circle
with the series. You are not left wondering what could of been? Or what
happens to the characters? She rounds it out nicely.

Thank you Cindy for giving us "The Sisters of the Quilt" series.
Your books have been a present to those of us who enjoy reading
Christian fiction. Also reading about the Amish, Mennonite and Old
Order Amish families.

by Sandy Heptinstall

It's All About Him

It's All About Him by Denise Jackson and Ellen Vaughn

Denise Jackson had everything a woman could dream of, or so she thought. She had a beautiful home, jewelry, cars, and money. Her husband was a very succesful country music star Allen Jackson. But along the way she lost her sense of self. Her favorite color became her husbands. What ever he liked she liked. She tried so hard to please her husband; just as she had her father growing up. One day her world fell apart when her husband walked out of their home. He told her he had, had an affair and needed room to think. She went through a lot of internal searching trying to find out who she was. What had gone wrong. Yet as Denise discovered it may of been the best day of her life. It was then she came to realize what was most important in her life that she had lost along the way. That was her relationship with God.

It took months of studing along with a prayer group of wonderful people that she not only found herself but her way back to God. It was not an easy process for her. She still had a lot of anger towards her husband that had to be worked out. But she knew that all things are possible if you have God in your heart and life. It is not easy to put your whole life out there for people to read. Denise did so in hopes that all who read her book can learn as she did. This book is about forgiving, hope and finding your way home again to God. I found it to be inspiring and would recommend it to ever one.

Sandy Heptinstall