Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dave Pratt, Behind the Mic: 30 Years in Radio

This is the true life story of Dave Pratt, a top notched radio personality in Arizona. Dave shares with each reader how much hard work it took him to reach his dreams.

Dave formed his own band called, "Dave Pratt and the Sex Machine Band," to help his career. His band turned out to be so popular it was in demand for all types of venues and parties. Since Dave tells us he could not sing very well, you can't help but think what in the world went on?

The measure of a person is their word. You will find that Dave always keeps his word. As you are reading Dave gives you a test. One in which this reviewer could not resist.

So, kick back in your chair and read Dave's story of one wild and crazy guy....Oh wait, that was "Steve Martin." So I will say one wild and very smart business man.

I would rate this book PG16