Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Raising Wild Ginger

Sometimes I don’t think authors realize how profound their story can be to readers. This is a book of fiction, but also one that can make you cry. I had the pleasure of reading the first book of this series and really enjoyed it. This is an extension of two men from the first book.

Edward and Sam are two gay men who love each other with all of their hearts. Yet Sam feels there is one thing missing in their relationship that would cement them as a family. That is to adopt a child.

Edward was against it at first. It would change their world as they knew it. A child needed a lot of attention and Edward was not sure if he had it in him to give to a child. It was not about the cost of raising a child as Edward was a multi-millionaire. Sam was a professor and made good money himself.

So what was the biggest problem Edward faced? It was the fact that they were both damaged men. While the world was changing and more accepting of gay people…some family members were not. Edward at one time had been an alcoholic and drug user. He still went to meetings even thought it had been years since he used or drank. He still had his sponsor to turn to in case he felt like he may slip.

One night Sam asked Edward again about having a baby. Then out of the blue Edward surprised them both by saying yes. What happens is the baby came, but she is twelve years old and has been through hell numerous times. Her name is Ginger.

This book has the potential of reaching some readers who think gay people are scum bags. Of understanding also that there are kids who go through what Ginger has. I had to take a deep breath and dry my eyes at times.

Three damage souls who become a loving family. The perfect ending, it does not get any better than that.

Rated PG