Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An Angel for Christmas

The MacDougal family has always spent Christmas in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which has been in Stacy MacDougal’s family for many years. This year will be different as each of the grown children will bring along problems they have no answers for.

Shayne’s a doctor and his wife has filed for divorce. He can’t understand why? Morwenna is troubled that her boyfriend is off to Cancun, with other members of her office instead of with her. Bobby the youngest son has been to one college after another. He is considered a genius and his father has no idea why he does not make up his mind about what he will do in the future. But Bobby has made a decision. He just has to gather up the courage to tell his father.

While the three siblings are out in the garage to bring in presents, Shayne heard what he thought was a groan. Both Bobby and Morwenna, tell him it is probably a tree cracking. But then they all heard it and went to investigate. They find a man unconscious with blood on his head and lying in a pile of snow.

As they get the stranger inside of the house and check him out he begins to wake up. He tells them his name is Gabe Lange and he is with the Virginia State Police. He was after an escaped white collar criminal named Luke DeFeo. That he almost had Luke but he jumped him and knocked him out and took his uniform.

This is all I am sharing with you in this review. I will tell you that this book is filled with mystery, action, family, love and spirituality. Gabe seems to somehow bring out the best in people, and to help them all to understand the events they are going through.

The ending will knock your socks off.

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