Friday, March 6, 2009

"Sixty-Minute Shakespeare" "Romeo and Juliet" ""Hamlet"

Sixty-Minute Shakespeare: "Romeo and Juliet" "Hamlet"

I received two books called "Sixty-Minute Shakespeare." The first book was "Romeo and Juliet." The second was "Hamlet." I slowly sank into my chair and had flash backs of being in school and trying so hard to understand the many twist, turns and language of Shakespeare.

As I began to read "Romeo and Juliet," much to my surprise I actually understood what was being said. The author added footnotes and did some editing that made it easy to read. Then I read "Hamlet" and again understood what was being said. I began to glimpse the wonder that is hidden within the words.

For the first time in my life I truly understood what Shakespeare had wrote. I loved both plays and was somewhat shocked that I did. I finally realized why he was considered brilliant, and so well known around the world.

I really think these books, which are a part of a six book series, should be read by young people first, before they enter into the world of Shakespeare. The author has done a fantastic job of editing the books to shorter versions, than the original works. Even though the books are smaller, they in no way, take away from the story line of the larger books.

All I can say is thank you Cass Foster. A window that I had closed, is now opened. All because Cass Foster created "Sixty Minute Shakespeare.

Five star rating for both books.

Sandra Heptinstall
Whispering Winds Book Reviews.

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