Monday, March 22, 2010

(The Journey of an Ordinary Man)

As you read this book you will find that Mr. Beach’s life story is anything but ordinary. In fact it has been an extraordinary adventure for eighty plus years. I felt that in each chapter the author was trying to teach us all a lesson.

Vincent was born in a small village called Knollis, in Jamaica. His family was poor but I feel he learned a lot of life’s lessons that helped him as he grew. His mom was abusive, but always told him “Don’t throw away you stick, till you cross the river.” I found that bit of advice to be profound. His father was a quiet man that did not talk a lot but loved his kids. His family life was not one that was filled with affection. Yet as a child he longed for it.

His thirst for knowledge would take him far in life; as well as his love for music. As in some non-fiction books there can be many lessons that we can take to our hearts and use it. This book is no exception.
Rated G

In my humble opinion this book is a must read. On a sad note I have found out that Vincent Collin Beach has passed away. But his life story is still alive and is still available for all to read and learn about this amazing man.
Rated G

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