Friday, April 9, 2010

Face the Rain, by Jennifer DeNaughel

“We the jury, find the defendant, guilty on all charges.”
Just one simple word, but it was the word Jenna had been praying to hear. The moment the jury foreman uttered it the air rushed from her lungs and she felt a suffocating pressure lift from her chest leaning forward, she lowered her head and covering her face with her hands, allowed herself to cry for the first time since that night. That night was the night her husband tried to kill her.

As Jenna was leaving the court house her concerns were getting to the "safe house" and getting her daughter Kylie and son Erik. Then heading up to the Oregon coast to the home she grew up in. A home her children could finally feel safe in. She knew she would have to face some things she had left unfinished when she left there many years ago. Things that would change her son's life forever. Plus the one man she had never stopped loving.

The characters are well thought out and the story line compelling. I have read this book twice now and both times it captured my attention and held my interest. It is the type of book you can read over and over.

I would rate this book: PG 13

Sandra Heptinstall

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