Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Never Far From Home

Never Far From Home (The Miller Series #2)

Mary Ellis

Harvest House Publishers

990 Owen Loop North

Eugene, OR 97402


(541) 343-0123

298 pages

$10.07 at B&N

Emma Miller is a young Amish girl who has finished school. While she still has her chores to do, she also has her own wool business. Emma works hard as she knows her mom needs to have surgery. The Amish community relies on a central fund that they all donate money to in case someone needs medical help.

On a buggy ride to town to sell her wool along with her Aunt Hannah, Emma meets a young English sheep farmer named James. As they talk they find themselves attracted to each other.

After seeing him only twice, on her 16th birthday she announces to her family she wants to take her full Rumspringe. It is not long before they fall in love. Emma loves being Amish and never wants to be anything else. James has two years of college to attend. James promises that somehow he will make it work for them.

But can young love endure all the challenges? Can James really find a way for them to marry someday? I would recommend this book to all who love reading about the Amish. Also for new readers who might decide to read a book of this genre, to see why so many of us love books about the Amish. There is so much more I would like to say about the story but then I would spoil it for others.

This book is rated G

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