Monday, July 19, 2010

I Am Hutterite

I Am Hutterite
The fascinating true story of a young woman’s journey to reclaim her heritage.
Mary-Ann Kirby
Thomas Nelson, Inc
P.O. Box 141000 Nashville, TN 37214
19.99- publisher
13.99 –
272 pages

This book took me by complete surprise. I had never even heard of the word Hutterite, let alone know that it was a religious sect. Or that there were colony’s of Hutterite’s.

Once I began to read this book I could not wait until the next page.
The author gives us a history lesson as well as the understanding of what life was like, living in a Hutterite Colony. While it was a very structured environment, it was also one filled with love.

Mary-Ann's father had butted heads with the senior minister more than once. One time he asked to borrow a vehicle so that they could get to the hospital and sign the papers needed for their son to have emergency surgery. They were denied and by the time they did get to the hospital it was to late to save their son's life.

It was with much sadness that her father decided to leave the colony and moved into the English world. Yet he felt it was best for his family. Life was totally different for her family on the outside. They had many obstacles that they had never had before. Where once they never had to worry about where food,clothing or a place to live now they did.

The change from Hutterite schools to English schools was hard for Mary-Ann and her siblings. English kids made fun of the way they dressed and even what they brought to eat for lunch. That left them with a longing to return to the colony.

I have really enjoyed this book. I have learned about a way of life that I never knew existed. Some lessons that I think we could all benefit from today. And a wish that the author will someday continue on with her life story.

Sandra Heptinstall

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