Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I was not prepared to like this book. I thought to myself, “Oh, great, another self help book.” Yet the more I read the book I came to realize it really can help people. This book begins with the author at the lowest point of his life. He searched for various ways to help himself, but could not pull himself out of the emotion wreck he was in. He even thought of suicide.

Then one day he started to think like an engineer. He came up with a plan to use his knowledge of engineering and spirituality to use. It was not an easy process but after much work he had found answers to help himself.

This book is filled with tools to help people no matter what their problems may be. Tools to help us all lived a better life. I really like the exercises that can be found at the end of the book. The author has told us about starting your day exercises, during the day exercises, and then nightly review exercises.

I especially liked page 230 and the attitude adjustment cards. You will just have to read this book to understand what they are. But they can be used to help everyone.

Excellent Read
Rated G

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