Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Tree of Bells

I have always enjoyed books set in a different time period. I love reading about how things were before I was born. The language that was used is fascinating to me.

This book is interesting and is set in the year 1922. We read about a young girl named Clare, who lives in a boarding house, with her mother and grandmother who own it. Clare is trying to figure out what she wants in life. In her heart she knows she secretly loves one of the tenants of the boarding house. She has no desire to go to college, even though she knows it is what her mother and grandmother expect. This book is not just a love story, we also learn about how child labor laws were ignored in some states.

For me personally that is a major reason that kept me reading. The characters were trying to keep their boarding house going and also help children. The story exposes the truths about how some children during that time period were treated. Children who are beaten by a parent or a boss, because they are not working as hard as they think they should. Children forced to work with little food to eat and barely clothe.

While I did enjoy this book the ending was terrible. I mean you are reading along and then just blank.

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