Monday, April 29, 2013


I found this so interesting on many levels. The main character is Lorrie and her uncle they were headed out west on a wagon train. Lorrie had many aunts and uncles who wanted her to stay with them as she had inherited a lot of money when her parents died. She had only one uncle who loved her for herself, and did not need her money. So they decided to go out West where they would never find her.

Along the way to the Oregon Trail her uncle was murdered and she was all alone. She had two wagons and many animals. The Wagon Master informed her that she would have to leave the wagon train and she should be able to find someone to buy her wagon and stock. Then she could head back East to where she had family members to take care of her.

Well Lorrie had other plans. She gathered up some other people and they decided to stop where they were and build their own town. It was Lorrie who found people to come to where they were and start a new beginning.

One thing I found really profound was that I did not know the real women of the West that made a name for themselves. One was Pearl Hart. She was not a Christian woman but when she was arrested, I found her words at her hearing very profound. “I shall not consent to be tried under a law in which my sex had no voice in making. “ She was release from jail.

There were many women who helped shape our country and I am ashamed I never took the time to read about them. I found this book to be a good read for anyone.

Rated G

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