Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Christmas for Katie

I love reading books about Christmas and the Amish religion also. This little book did not let me down. It is the story of Katie who is six and a half years old and Amish. Katie has a mission to get the plastic nativity scene in front of the library fixed up by Christmas Eve. Miss Donovan the librarian does not show much interest in doing so. Katie told her mom that “Miss Donovan seems sad because she does not have a love life.” Katie’s poor mom told her not to be butting into someone’s personal life and that she has a head of grey hair all because of Katie. Then one night Miss Donovan was getting ready to close the library for the night, when the new deputy Conner Fields comes in and asked if he had time to check out some books. While he was there they both heard a noise from outside and an old woman was on the ground saying someone attacked her. From here on the book is pretty predictable. I do want to say “Mom and dad if you are looking down then I’ m so sorry for the way I acted as a child.” Katie and I have a lot in common. Rated G

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