Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Reality of the Virtual and Presage
by Betsy Cheung

The language in this book is not one that is spoken every day. If in your daily life words such as quasi monopolistic or megalomaniacal idea or even quantum physics are used then you would be fine. But for me I had to look up the meaning of each word.
In the first part of the book page 28 is followed by page 60 and then to 45. My feeble mind was having enough problems without the pages to be out of order.
Yet when the book changed to “Presage,” it all began to come together for me. I have so much respect for the author and her abilities. If you read the other reviews of this book or the jacket you will know more about this book than I could write in two hundred words or less.
One of the many things that I did find interesting is that God and science were mentioned together. One character wanted to reach to heaven and know about God. Now that is something I do know about.
This book is high impact and fast. Once I looked up words I had never heard of in my life I did found this book to be interesting.
Rated PG for violence

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