Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Elder Care Read: life scenes 1

By Laura Bramly

This is a beautiful story of a young woman trying to find a way to connect and communicate with her mother Betty, who had vascular dementia. The author Laura spent many hours of reading to her mom and showing her pictures. Trying to surpass the private world her mom lived in.

Then one day she was reading a coffee table book full of pictures. Laura was making up stories to go along with the photos. After Laura had finished the book her mom said; “Again.” I can only imagine how beautiful it must have sounded to Laura.

Laura began doing extensive research to help other people. The result was a book called Elder Care Read, with photos and text, with the added benefit of discussion questions. This book can be used to encourage people with moderate to advanced dementia to read, converse and learn.

We live in a culture where being older is not respected. In almost all other cultures older people are respected and people look to them for answers. Is there some way to help people see older people in a different light? I don’t have the answer, but I do know that Laura is trying to reach out and help all that she can.

It is up to all the caring people who I know are out there, to take the time and help an older person. Go to a local Nursing Home and volunteer to help.
Take this book with you and find a person who needs you. It may take a long time but you may also hear the beautiful word, “Again.”

Every Nursing home needs to have this book. To those of you trying on your own to help a loved one, buy this book as you won’t be disappointed.

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