Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Potluck Survival Guide

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Genre: Care & Feeding of the Athletic Supporter
Author: Cherie Kimmons

"Where was this book when my kids were all at home? I have learned so much and have had a ball trying some of the recipes. When my kids were home the most asked question was, what's for dinner? My reply was always food. Then it would be what type of food, and I would say the kind you eat.

I can relate to the author as our four kids were into all types of sports or clubs in school. To be honest our favorite quick meals were either pizza or hamburgers. We never in those days thought about nutrition, carbohydrates or calories.

I thought the introduction was funny. Recruiting the Best, was really helpful for those of us who live in small towns or cities. Wrapping the Goal Post was an inspiration. Not to mention food that kids would like from the ages of five to ten years old. Cherie teaches us to make it simple. Then from the ages of twelve to thirteen, a lot of kids can go through a vegetarian phase. That was really a surprise to me.

Honestly, the book is good for people of any age. I had never heard of tomato tart, avocado salsa or on the hamburger bar which has feta cheese sauce.

I loved the dessert part of this book also. I have been trying for thirty years to make Bread Pudding that my husband would like. I could never make it like his mom did. But after reading the recipe I realized the problem was that I would always use fresh bread. That is a no,no. So when he gets home from his trip I will make the recipe in this book.

I recommend this book to the novice cook as well as those of us who are seasoned cooks."

I would rate this book as G rated
Sandra Heptinstall

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