Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Engaging Father Christmas

I was really surprised that I love this book even more than the first book of the series. At the end of “Finding Father Christmas,” Miranda and Ivan had just meant. In the second book, we find that they have been going back and forth from England and the USA to see each other.

It is not long before they fall in love with each other. There are even hints of a marriage proposal for her and Ivan.

As Miranda prepares to fly to see Ivan and her new family for Christmas, she has hopes that things will change and she can develop a real relationship between her, her half brother, and his mom.

Yet right from the start things seem to go wrong. As Ivan picks her up from the station he received a phone call and his dad has had a heart attack and is in the hospital.

This book will take you on a ride from highs to lows.
But by the end of all really good love stories, love prevails. Plus, Miranda’s relationship with her half brothers mother begins to change when God shows her the way.
Excellent read.
Rating G

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