Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Field of Dead Horses

Field if Dead Horses
Nick Allen Brown
Hardwood Books
3943 N Providence Road Newtown Square, PA 19073
333 Pages

Sometimes you may get a book that starts out slow and then the book gains momentum and your interest as it goes along. Then there can be books that get you from the first page. This book got me from the start.

Elliott Chapel owns a horse farm that his father had started. His dad Paul Chapel was well known in the racing world. He trained thoroughbreds, but after the loss of his wife due to child birth he changed completely. His relationship with his son is something you can find out about when you read this book.

Elliott and his farm manager Booley were out mending fences when they came upon a woman who was bloodied and beaten laying face up in the shadow waters of Penny Creek. Elliott told Booley to would go and call the Sheriff and the doctor to come out to where the woman’s body lay. But Booley told Elliott it would be better if he called the people to come out. You see during the time period of this book a black man who was witty, wise and well- read was unusual. It was especially different for a black man to hold the position he did at the ranch. For a black man to be best friends with a white man was not heard of. If Booley were to call for the Sheriff it might cast Booley in a bad light, and make him the prime suspect just because his skin was a different color.

After Booley explained to Elliot why it would not be a good idea for him to call, Elliot agreed and left. Booley was family to the Chapel's and they did not judge a man by the color of his skin.

If you like a different style of a love story, or love horse as I do, then you will enjoy this book. The ending left me with tears running down my face.

Rated G
Hold until further notice.

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