Thursday, July 21, 2011

Risk It All

Carissa Johnson, graduated top of her class at Harvard. She has a double master’s degree in business finance and international business. She is not only smart but beautiful as well. She was approached by the CIA’s Mideast Bureau Chief, Quincy Carter, to work for them.
Saying no was not an option for her. She came from a family where duty to your country is an honor.

At only 28 she had accomplished what no other CIA agent working in the Middle East had been able to do penetrate the largest Hamas cell on the Arabian Peninsula, so the agency could initiate the important process of “following the money trail” that would take them to the top al Qaida operatives.

When Carissa is called home because of the death of her grandmother Anna, her world will change in ways she never expected.

This book is full of all the things that make a great book suspense, adventure, excitement and love. There is a little bit of something for all readers.
This is an excellent read and I give it five star rating.

Rated PG

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