Friday, August 19, 2011

Losestone Book Three: The Crucible of Dawn

I never dreamed I would like this type of genre. Yet the more pages I turned, the more I wanted to read this book. I love the way the author has us use our own imagination, as the story goes along. He gives us hints and the rest we have to imagine on our own.

While the story is excellent, it is also fun in many ways. My imagination went wild trying to figure out what each character looked like. Then creating the person or creature to fit the book was a hoot. The story is not funny but my perception of some of the characters is.

I loved the fact that the author did not use any swear words. I have often found they were not needed to tell a good story. Mr. Whiteway has set the standard I believe.

If you have never read a book of Sci-Fi, then may I suggest you start with this one? You won’t be disappointed. I will read anything this author puts out.

Rated G

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