Monday, August 29, 2011

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I Never Intended To Be Brave
Heather Andersen
Windy City Publisher
1935 S. Grove RD, #349 Palatine, IL 60067
252 pages
Sandra Heptinstall Reviewer

This book is the true story of one remarkable woman named Heather Andersen. I have never known a "title" of a book that fits like this one does. After finishing up her time with The Peace Corp, Ms Andersen finds she does not want to go home yet. She wants to see all of southern Africa. She wants to learn more about the different countrys, cultures and people.

She contacts a well known cycling organization but only had one man who wanted to join her in her three month tour on bicycles. It was not long after meeting Paul that she discovered his agenda was not what they had agreed on. Tensions between them grew so great that they decided to each go their own way.

It was then that the heart of this story begins for me. The tenacity of the author to continue on alone is something that will keep you turning the pages of this book. It was written from the author’s heart and soul. What else can one say!

Five Star from this reviewer
Rated G

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