Monday, September 5, 2011

3 Steps To Recovery
Dan Farish
T-87 Publishing
P.O. Box 773
Freeland, WA 98249
$12.99 at Amazon
261 pages
Sandra Heptinstall….reviewer

This book is sad but also powerful. It is the story of Dan Farish, a man who came from a family which proves truth is stranger than fiction. Within all of us, we hold secrets. Dan has taken out all of the skeletons of his past so that we will see what was, and what can be.

Dan was raised in a dysfuctional famil. The memories would last him his whole life. There was no getting away from them except in a bottle of alcohol. He started drinking as a teen and it continued for twenty years. He had to hit bottom before he could begin the healing powers of overcoming his addiction.

After going into an addiction rehab hospital that was based on the basic twelve step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, Dan found out that it was not for him. He was kicked out of the thirty day program after twenty-seven days. It is not that the program was bad, as it has helped thousands of people around the world. Some people just do not fit into certain programs.

Dan used three of the steps . He prayed every hour and every day for God to help him. Dan prayers were answered but it is something you have to read for yourself. Whether it is you or someone you know that has any type of addiction you need to buy this book.

I believe in the author, and what he has said in his book. I only wished his way would of been around before I lost someone I loved.

(posted to midwest in Sept 2011)

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Sober and Sexy for Life said...

Yesssss this author is a fantastic man. I would recommend anyone struggling with addiction to read it. Addiction is complicated, recovery doesn't have to be.