Sunday, October 23, 2011

Helen of Troy

Tess Collins
Helen of Troy
BearCat Press LLC
P.O. Box 642491
San Francisco, CA. 94164
$19.95 hard bound, $11.95 paperback and $2.99 EB
211 pages
Sandra Heptinstall

Tess Collins, has taken the classic Greek legend of “Helen of Troy,” and placed it in modern day, rural America. This book was pure joy to read. It was funny, sad and educational.

Her development of each character was in my opinion brilliant! The author made them come alive. You will love some of them, feel sorry for some, and then you have the characters you just want to punch their lights out.

I really think this would be good for kids in high school who are just beginning to read the classics. They could easily say, “Hey that was Rudy or Garland.”
This is an excellent read for anyone of any age.

Five star review rated G

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