Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Rainbow for Christmas
Mary Montague Sikes
Oak Tree Press, 1400 East Palmer St.
Taylorville, IL 62568
117 pages
Sandra Heptinstall

Since this book only has 117 pages it is more like a novella. The story is set in 1869. There you find Meg Smith and her niece Eliza, in a wagon train headed toward Denver, Colo. Meg was going to Denver as her dad had arrange for her to marry a man she had never met. Basically her dad sold her for money so that the farm they live on could be saved.

The outcome of the story you pick up within a few pages, but you keep reading the book anyway, because we all need to get away from our normal lives and so we pick up a book. Then we are transported by the author to someplace else.

The history in this book is right on the mark. Meg’s mom had made her a blue dress to be married in. This was normal as only rich people could afford a white wedding gown. It just happens my own mom, was also married in a blue dress in 1949. It was her going to church dress.

I don’t think the younger generation knows about marriages being arranged in our country. Nor do I think they know how hard it was for a lot of people as our country was forming.

I wish I could give this book a five star rating, but I can’t. The book needs more substance in my opinion. Yet since it is a novella I can give it a four star.

Rated G

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Monti said...

Thanks, Sandra, for reviewing my book.

Mary Montague Sikes