Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mystery at the Phoenix Festival
Jack and Nicole Spanton and Laura S. Wharton
Broad Creek Press
P.O. Box 43 Mt. Airy, NC 27030
138 pages
Sandra Heptinstall

This book has no age limit on it. Two of my grandson’s Zach and Elijah Hopkins as well as myself all really enjoyed this book. This maybe a small book but it tells a big and warm hearted story. Cari and Bruce Rivers had saved enough money that they were able to travel the country in a RV, along with their two children Zach and Nicole and their two service dogs Zena and Dolly. It is Bruce and Cari’s hope that their children will learn to grow spiritually, and to share love with others.

The River’s family desire is to bring joy, hope and laughter to very sick children. Their dogs were trained to behave and do tricks to entertain kids. Their first stop was in Phoenix, AZ at a Cancer Treatment Center for kids.

Right from the start Zach and Nicole made many new friends at the center. While there Nicole finds a friend whose family owns a dog shelter. Because of the cost to get help for their daughter they were in danger of having to close the shelter. People who usually donated to cover the cost could not do it anymore because of the economy. But Nicole was already thinking of ways to raise the money to keep it going.

Then one early morning at the campsite the whole family’s faith is tested.
I did not want this story to end. It is hard to find books that encourage children to believe in God and to live for Him. This book did so but in an interesting way to keep kids attention.

Rated G

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