Monday, November 12, 2012

The Promise of an Angel

The Promise of an Angel

Ruth Reid

Thomas P.O. Box 141000 Nashville, TN 37214


$15.99 294 pages

Sandra Heptinstall

“I have to first say, I am sorry for not finishing up the books I have to do. I just needed what I call Soul Food! I have to say, I have gone through breast cancer and had a mastectomy. But I still have worked hard to catch up on books. It was not easy and if I have disappointed any authors, then please except my apologies. There were days when I just could not read.

My world was turned upside down, and I needed this book. My heart needed this book as well as my soul. I needed to read about the glory of God and how miracles still happen. I hope people will understand why I had to stop, and read this book?

Judith Fisher was a young Amish woman who loved children and was always telling them stories. Her main goal in life was to fall in love, get married and have a lot of children of her own, that would be raised in the Amish community.

Judith’s father would not let her court anyone until she was nineteen. Judith was thinking that any day now Levi Plank would be asking her father if he could court her. Levi and Judith had talked about it many times before.

One day people were over to help with a new roof. When prayers were being said Judith noticed her younger sister Martha and Levi were flirting with each other. Then she saw her brother on the roof and yelled for him to get down. It startled Samuel and he fell off of the roof.

Judith took off running and rounded the corner to find him on the ground and an Englisch man was beside Samuel. “As the stranger stood up he told Judith, have faith as Samuels’s steps are ordered by God.” She could only stare at the man his eyes flickered with a bright, wavering light. As her older brother David found them she looked up and the stranger was gone. She took off running to find the man and could not find him. It did not take her long to realize the man was an Angel. No one believed her and told her not to talk about things like that. Yet each time she saw him she would tell people what he had to say. Only one person believed her, and honestly I cried at the end.

Rated G

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