Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Rendezvous to Die For

Betty McMahon

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267 pages

Sandra Heptinstall


This book has more twist and turns than apples falling off a tree at harvest time. I had to stop and write down who and what each character played out in the story. I enjoyed the heroin Cassidy and how she tried to handle whatever was thrown her way.

I love the descriptions of the weekend reenactment in the fictional town. The author hits the mark on that. I have been to one myself and could not do a better job than the author has. Plus the way she describes everything around her is interesting. Even though the ending of this book will surprise you, in my own opinion this is not a five star book.

I could not just sit and enjoy reading. I would have to look at my list to see who was who. Or add to my list. If I could go 3.75 I would, but since I can’t then I will bump this book to a four stars. I can see how Cassidy could solve even more mysteries from this book.

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