Sunday, June 23, 2013


Kim Vogel Sawyer
Barbour Publishing, Inc.
P.O. Box 719
Uhrichsville, Ohio 44683
348 Pages
After doing so many reviews for people, there comes a point where I need to read a book that gives me “SOUL”, food. This book did not let me down. It is a fast read about a young Mennonite girl named Marie who falls in love with young man who is a truck driver. She runs away with him and together they are happy. But after two years of marriage and one baby her husband dies.
She returns to her parent’s house and she is meant by her father who tells her to leave. That she is dead to him. She could never be a part of the community again. She is devastated and leaves with her young daughter.
Only one relative keeps in contact with her and it is her single aunt Lisbeth. Marie named her daughter after her, but calls her Beth. Then one day Marie’s ex-beau Henry Braun showed up at her home bearing bad and good news. Her aunt has died, and left her home and a small cafĂ© to her daughter Beth. There is but one catch and that is she has to move back to Sommerfeld, Kansas for three months.
What happens next is really life changing.
Rated G

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