Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The How-To Handbook

As I was just flipping through this book I thought this book would not be for every age. Much to my surprise it is. Now are you ready to read something everyone has asked at one time or the other? Are you ready? Here we go…how to get rid of hiccups! One time I had to give a speech and guess who started to hiccup. I tried everything I had ever heard about and nothing worked.

I finally had to walk on stage and as I was looking at all the people, the first thing I did was hiccup. So I did the only thing that made sense to me. I asked if anyone knew how to stop hiccups. After people stopped laughing at me someone said try drinking upside down. I told the group I could not stand on my head and do it. So they told me to fill my mouth with water from the glass I had, and then bend over and swallow. That did not work either. I must say that people came up to me after my speech and said “they would always remember me.” You can find the cure on page 12.

The authors share many different things that you may not know. To this day I can’t fold a bottom sheet so it looks nice. But I will try doing it like the authors say. I did try to tie a tye but just can’t seem to do that. I did get a pretty good handle on how to fix a bike tire though.

Rated G

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