Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hillar Rodham Clinton: On the Couch, by Alma H Bond, PHD

There have been so many books written about our former First Lady of AR, First Lady of our country, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Not all in good light I might add. If you look at the picture on the cover of the book you will see an older lady. The lines on her face are there because she has given almost her whole life to helping others. Look into her eyes and you will find the love she has for our country and her family.
The author shows us what has made her the woman she is today. Starting from her early years growing up with her parents. Her father ruled with an iron hand. He made know concessions when it came to his children. Hillary was the only girl but was treated like her brothers in many ways. When it came to school work a B was not accepted in the Rodham home. It had to be all A’s.
I lived in AR for a few years and read what reporters said about her. She was ripped apart on many things. Everything from the way she dressed, to why she put up with Bill Clinton and his women.
Hillary is a strong woman but she is human just like the rest of us. She feels pain, she cries when no one is around. People seem to forget her many accomplishments she has done.

Sandra Heptinstall

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