Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Arch of the Universe by Mark Whiteway

After the death of his wife Sarah, Quinn decided it would be best for him and his son Conor, to leave their home and start over again on another planet. They joined a group of 12,000 humans headed away from the planet Eire and the colony world orbiting Kapten’s Star. They were going to Hades-7
They were not far out when all of a sudden they were under attack. Lights flashing and parts of their ship were falling apart. You could see people being pulled out into space. Quinn quickly grabbed his son and they headed towards the life boat station. When they were in their suits they started to talk about some things they never had before. Things they should of said to each other. How much they both hurt from the loss of Quinn’s wife and Conor’s mother.
Quinn kept talking about how sorry he was for not really asking his son if he wanted to leave. Then Quinn looked at Conor and notice he looked pale. His suit read CO2. So quickly Quinn took off the tubes that were filled with oxygen on his suit and then put it in his son’s. He laid his visor on top of Conor’s. He knew they were both going to die.
From here on is when this story really takes off. Quinn finds himself in a white room and has no idea of how he got there. Then Conor comes walking in and while Quinn is happy to see his son he also has questions. When Quinn ask him how he was still alive he was told that Conor was dead. But the neuronal connections-the memories, the emotions, the essence of Conor had not fully decayed. They had managed to preserve him. Quinn is not so sure of that. He still sees his son at times, but won’t, or can’t believe that Conor is dead. you think you have the answers to this book, and it is changed by a simply two or three words. The attention to every detail in this book is an amazing job by the author. The character development is brilliant.
You will find aliens that you have to exercise your mind when trying to figure out who is good and who is bad. Just when you think you have it all figured out, the author takes a turn and you are back to square one.
The author is one of the best Sci/ Fi writers of our time. I am always amazed by his talent, and where he comes up with his stories.

Sandra Heptinstall
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Rated PG for violence

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