Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Death of Archie

I have a major secret that not many people know. I am 63 years old and love Archie, Comic Books. It started when I was five. I remember my sister and I would get 25 cents a week and we headed over to a pharmacy that had penny candy and comic books. I would buy two Archie comic books and the rest was for penny candy. I can’t remember what my sister Paula, spent her quarter on. I do know that she could make me feel selfish by not giving her my money. I actually put my quarter in my mouth and when it was going down I began to think maybe this was not a good idea. But at least she could not talk me into giving her my money. My parents were not happy with me. They had to take me to the doctor.

Over the years I lost all of my comic books, and then was busy raising my kids and working. Then I mentioned to my youngest grandson that I used to love Archie comic books. He then began to buy me Archie comic books whenever he saw them.

I must say the writing in this book and the illustrations are good. Yet, I am left with sadness as Archie dies. In a world filled with violence why do this to Archie? I bought Archie comic books even when I was a teenager. I must also admit that I also bought Little LuLu and Casper sometimes when I bought Archie. This time I was working part time and spent my own money.

So for all of us baby boomers I must say “R.I.P. Archie, we will miss you so.

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