Thursday, December 18, 2014

Almost Perfect

This is one of the most heartfelt, feel good books I have read in a long time. Right from the start I was hooked. We have two main character and the first is Benny. Benny is a young teenage boy who suffers from a mild form of autism. Benny has only two goals in life. One is to make his mom proud and the second is to have his very own dog. Benny’s home life is very dysfunctional. He lives with his father and step mother. His mom is into drugs and even on her visitation weekends she very seldom shows up to pick Benny up. His father wants Benny to grow up and work with him someday. He does not accept Benny for the person he is.

The other main character is Bess. She is seventy years old and a dog breeder and trainer. She has shown her Umpawaug Poodles for years. She is well respected and known throughout the world of show dogs as one of the best. Bess has decided it is time to end her business. She is too old to care for her many dogs. She only keeps two of her dogs. One is Mc Creery and the other is his son Breaker. Even though her dog McCreery has won every show he was ever in, Bess never took him to Westminster dog show. It is not because she thinks he could not win, but much deeper reasons of her own.

While walking home alone because his mom did not show up as planned, Bennie hears a dog moaning. He follows the sounds and that is when this books grabs your heart. I have cried off and on while reading this book. The ending of this book totally surprised me. I could visualize what was going on and the tears really started falling.

In my opinion this book is an easy five star rating.
Rated G

I do not get paid to read and review books. In this case though I have to say this book is worth a lot of money to me. I only give books a four or five star rating so that people will get a book that is good or better.

Sandra Heptinstall

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